Mutual Aid w/ Ambulance
Monday, 15 February 2010

Tonight around 20:00 Station 44 was dispatched for mutual aid with one ambulance due to respond for a Motor Vehicle Accident with entrapment in Grove Township, Sinnemahoning. Chief 44-70 (J.Moate) and Chief 44-71 (S.Orlowski) responded at time of dispatch. Ambulance Crew arrived on scene and reported to Rt. 872 Command. Command asked for 1 Austin EMT to attend in the Emporium Ambulance, 44R25 (K.Day) attended. Remaining Crew assisted on scene until released by Sinnemahoning Officers.





Clinton County LODD
Sunday, 14 February 2010

Clinton Coutny, Pa. -- A Woolrich Volunteer Fire Company fire police member was fatally hit at the scene of a crash earlier today, according to WNEP-TV. Fire Policeman Donald Mellott, 62, was struck by a civilian driver while directing traffic around a two-car collision at approximately 12:45 p.m. on Lusk Run Road just outside of Mill Hall.


Investigators told the news station that the motorist drove through the traffic cones before the incident occurred. Mellott was transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Woolrich Volunteer Fire Company Chief Brandon Coleman, called Mellott a close friend, according to the station. "Don was an excellent man to be with. He worked well, we worked well together through the fire police, in the fire company," he said. Funeral arrangements are pending.


Link to Story Click Here


Snowmobile Wreck
Saturday, 13 February 2010

Tonight around 18:00 Station 44 was dispatched for a Snowmobile Accident in Wharton Township. Chief 44-30 (J.Burgett) and Chief 44-70 (J. Moate) responded at time of dispatch. Ambulance 44-6 with Chief 44-71 (S.Orlowski) was standing by in under a minute. Ambulance 44-6 (Chief 44-60, Chief 44-71) responded momentarily followed by Rescue 44-8 (Chief 44-10 and Lt. 44 (S. Frank) w/UTV 44-14 and two EMT's. Chief 44-30 responded to scene, requested a helicopter be put on stand by and set up Wharton Command. Ambulance 44-6 and UTV 44-14 both staged at the intersection of Rt. 872 and Elk Lick Road. Ambulance Crew then continued into scene in Rescue 44-8. Rescue 44-8 and Ambulance Crew arrived to find patient had fled scene. Chief 44-30 (J.Burgett) recalled Station 44 and all units returned.


Wharton Command - Chief 44-30 (J.Burgett)


Units Onscene- Ambulance 44-6, Medic 6, Rescue 44-8, UTV 44-14


Chief Officers- Chief 44-10, Chief 44-30, Lt. 44, Chief 44-60, Chief 44-70, Chief 44-71

Odor Investigation
Monday, 08 February 2010
Today around 13:00 Station 44 was dispatched for an odor investigation in Sylvania Township reported Natural Gas just past the new bridge. Cheif 44-10 (C.Cooney) and Chief 44-71 (S.Orlowski) responded at time of dispatch to the scene.
Mutual Aid Coudersport
Tuesday, 02 February 2010

Today at around 1300 hours Station 44, 46, and 10 were tapped out for a mutual aid call in Coudersport (Station 48). Within minutes Engine 44-2 (Chief 44-30, Lt. 44) and Rescue 44-8 (Chief 44-10) responded to the borough of Coudersport for a fully involved structure fire. In route Engine 44-2 contacted Coudersport Command (Chief 48-20) to ask for their on-scene orders. Command wanted Engine crew to pull line off of 48-2 and provide outside support of structure and Rescue crew to provide manpower where needed along with assisted filling Air Bottles with the Rescues Cascade System. Austin units were back in quarters at around 1600 hours




Monday, 18 January 2010

Today at around 0315, Station 44 was dispatched to a search in Wharton Twp. Tioga County reported that the individuals who were on that road would be located anywhere between Williams Gas Company and Kettle Creek side of the Montour Rd. Rescue 44-8, UTV 44-14 w/ Chief 44, Ambulance 44-7 w/ Chief 44-60 and Chief 44-70, and Chief 44-30 all responded. Once on scene Chief 44 established Austin Command and began to set up plans on how the crews would search for these individuals. UTV 44-14 and Chief 44-30 began going out the Montour Rd within 15 minutes of being on scene Tioga County advised us that Kettle Creek (Station 26) had found the individuals on their side of the Mountain. Station 44 was back in quarters a little after 0400 hours.


Command- Chief 44 (D. VanWhy)



Chief Onscene: Chief 44 (D. VanWhy), Chief 44-30 (J. Burgett), Chief 44-60 (C. Zenns), Chief 44-70 (J. Moate)

Mutual Aid Coudersport
Wednesday, 13 January 2010
This morning at 01:45 Station 44 was toned out to a mutual aid call scene of a structure fire in Coudersport, Summit Township, along with Station 39(Shinglehouse), Station46 (Roulette), and Station 47 (Tri-Town) all with tankers due to respond. Moments later Tanker 44-5 (Chief 44-30, J. Burgett), Tanker 44-15 and Rescue 44-8 all responded. Station 44 was only on the road for 10 minutes before  Command reported fire under control and out and recalled all mutual aid units. Station 44 was back in quarters at 0218, and all units from fire were back in quarters at 0247.
Mutual Aid Coudersport
Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Tonight at 22:26 Station 44 was toned out to a mutual aid call scene of a structure fire with entrapment in Coudersport, along with Station 10 (Galeton), Station 39 (Shinglehouse), Station 46 (Roulette), Station 3 (Port Allegany). Moments later Engine 44-2 with Chief 44 (D. VanWhy), Rescue 48-8, and Chief 44-10 responded. Once Station 44 reached the borough of Coudersport, Command reported fire under control and out and recalled all mutual aid units. Station 44 was back in quarters at 23:06, and all units from fire were back in quarters at 23:28.


Command- Chief 48 (A. Dubots)


Austin Units Responding- Engine 44-2 and Rescue 44-8

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