Welcome To The Family
Sunday, 20 January 2008
The Austin Volunteer Fire Department would like to congratulate Mike Bacon and Sabrina Earle for the arrival of there son Pierce Michael Bacon 8 lbs 2 oz and 21 inches. More info will be given when little Pierce arrives home. 
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Power Lines In The Roadway
Tuesday, 08 January 2008

This morning around 08:20 Station 44 was toned out to the Gardeau Road for power lines lying in the road. 44R32 (J.Moate) was on scene and called Tioga County 911 via radio to have us dispatched. With in moments Chief 44-10 (C.Cooney) was responding as well as Patrol 44-4. Once on scene Chief 44-10 established "Gardeau Command". Personnel provided traffic control and assisted Tri County REC. Once Tri County had everything taken care of command was terminated and all department 44 units returned available.

Officer In Charge- Chief 44-10 (C.Cooney)

Units On Scene- Patrol 44-4

Dispatched And Recalled
Monday, 07 January 2008

This morning at 09:39 at the request of Car 45-20 (Austin Borough/Keating Township Police) Station 44 was dispatched for traffic control at the intersection of Route 872 and Jones Run Road. Chief 44-20 (M. Bacon) responded at 09:42 and Patrol 44-4 shortly after. While en-route Car 45-20 had Tioga County recall Department 44. 

Officer in Charge- Chief 44-20 (M. Bacon)  

Station 44 Units Responding- Patrol 44-4

Utility Vehicle Coming To Station 44
Sunday, 06 January 2008
At last nights meeting members found out the news that our department has been awarded a grant through the Assistance to Firefighters Grant through FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) in the amount of $19,000.00 for a utility vehicle. This would come in handy for Wildfires, Land rescues, and just those hard to reach areas of our district. This unit will most likely be called Patrol 44-14. And this would be the first of its kind to be placed in service by our station. We are very excited to purchase this vehicle. We will post more information as we get it so make sure to keep checking back.
Traffic Control On 155
Monday, 31 December 2007

This Morning at 09:46 Station 44 was dispatched for traffic control on Route 155 in the village of Keating Summit. Chief 44-10 (C.Cooney) and Patrol 44-4 responded in just minutes. Once of scene personnel found a log truck off the roadway and stuck in a ditch, and a car with the front end smashed in about 30 yards down the road from the truck. There were no injuries on scene so personnel provided traffic control while Car 45-20 (Austin / Keating Township Police) did his investigation.

Mva On Wildboy Road
Friday, 28 December 2007

This morning at 04:23 Station 44 was dispatched for a MVA ½ mile from the East Fork Road on to the Wildboy Road. It was reported no injuries but possible fire.  Chief 44-10 (C.Cooney) was responding moments after dispatch. Around the (5) minute mark Engine 44-3 and Rescue 44-8 responded. Chief 44-10 arrived on scene and reported that this call was farther up on the Wildboy Road then it had been reported. Also Chief 44-10 had all units stage at the entrance of Wildboy Road, due to road conditions, and also for the fact of no injuries and no fire. Chief 44-10 then turned the scene over to Pennsylvania State Police. At this time Station 44 returned available.  

Officer in Charge- Chief 44-10 (C. Cooney)   

Chief Officers On Scene- Chief 44 (D. VanWhy) And Chief 44-10 (C. Cooney) 

Station 44 Units On Scene- Engine 44-3 And Rescue 44-8

Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Thursday, 27 December 2007

This morning at 05:18 our Station was dispatched for an active carbon monoxide alarm in Portage Township. Chief 44-10 (C.Cooney) was the first officer to respond. Once on scene he established “Austin Command”. Moments later Engine 44-3 responded followed by Patrol 44-4 and Rescue 44-8. Once on scene Personnel used a high pressure ventilation fan to vent the structure. Also a crew was sent to turn off the gas meter. Command called Tioga County and requested for PPL to respond. At 06:33 Chief 44-10 handed the scene over to PPL personnel. Station 44 was in quarters and available at 06:46.


Officer In Charge- Chief 44-10 (C. Cooney)


Chief Officers On Scene- Chief 44 (D. VanWhy) Chief 44-10 (C. Cooney)


Station 44 Units On Scene- Engine 44-3, Rescue 44-8, Patrol 44-4

A Non-Emergency Response To Start The Holidays
Monday, 24 December 2007

Tonight at 0115 hrs. Station 44 was dispatched to a tree in the road way 2 miles north of Austin on RT. 872 in Keating Township. Rescue 44-8 responding around the 5 minute mark. FF House with FF Meyers responded with Rescue 44-8 and met FF Bacon and FF N. Burgett on scene.  Penn Dot arrived on scene with Rescue 44-8.  Tree was out of road way with in 10 minutes and all department 44 units returning available. We were back in quarters at 0142 hrs.

Units on Scene: Rescue 44-8, assisted by Penn Dot and Car 45-20


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