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Tuesday, 09 October 2012

This morning at 01:22 Stations 44,3 (Port Allegany), 48 (Coudersport) were toned out  on box 44-04 for a reported structure fire with flames thru the roof in Keating Township on the Gardeau Road. Chief 44 (C.Cooney), Chief 44-10 (M.Bacon), Chief 44-30 (N.Burgett) Cpt 44 (C.Barr) and Chief 44-71 (S.Orlowski) all reponded at dispatch. Moments later Engine 44-2 and Tanker 44-5 responded followed by Ambulance 44-6.




While en route Tioga County 911 advised this call to be in Nort (Actually Norwich) Township and there had been a negative response from Mckean County. After hearing this Chief 44 asked for a full company response from Station 14 (Emporium) had Station 48 continue to the scene with a tanker and had thier Engine standby at Station 44 all other units were recalled. Once on scene personnel met up with Chief Roys (Port Allegany) and found out there was a small chimney fire extinguished by the home owner. Chief 44 reported this to Tioga County and established Gardeau Command. Crews pulled an 1 3/4 attack line as a back up and took an indian can into the building. Once inside crews pulled down the ceiling and blown in insulation and mopped up hot spots as well as ventilate using the positive pressure fan. At this time the building was laddered and the crew dropped 2 chimney bombs. With one final sweep with the TIC Command reported fire out and all units returning available.






Gardeau Command - Chief 44


Units On Scene - Engine 44-2, Tanker 44-5, Ambulance 44-6, Station 14, Station 12, Chief Roys, Tanker 48-5


We would like to thank  everyone involved for thier assistance



Photos: Tracy Orlowski

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