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Monday, 16 July 2012

Today at 13:16 Station 44 was toned out for an automatic alarm in Wharton Township on Wharton Road. Chief 44-10 (M.Bacon), Chief 44-20 (J.Burgett), and Chief 44-71 (S.Orlowski) all responded at dispatch.



Moments later Engine 44-2 and Tanker 44-5 would respond followed by Ambulance 44-7. Chief 44-20 was first on scene establishing Wharton Command and reporting nothing showing from the exterior. At this time Tioga County 911 was advising they had the key holder on the line reporting they cannot see anything from the systems cameras and wanted us to return. At this time Command had all units recalled.





Wharton Command - Chief 44-20


Units On Scene - Engine 44-2, Ambulance 44-7, Tanker 44-5


**Photos: Tracy Orlowski**

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