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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Tonight at 22:56 Station 44 was toned out to assist PSP with traffic control at the scene of a motor vehicle accident in Keating Township on the Cowley Hill Road. Chief 44-10 (M.Bacon), Chief 44-20 (J.Burgett), Chief 44-30 (N.Burgett), Chief 44-60 (D.Bacon), Chief 44-71 (S.Orlowski) and FPL 44-91 (J. Setzer) all responded at dispatch.





Moments later Patrol 44-4 and Rescue 44-8 would respond. Once on scene personnel went to work at checking the vehicle for any hazards and providing traffic control. Once it was determined there were no hazards Rescue 44-8 would return to quarters. All other units remained on scene assisting PSP, once the vehicle was removed all units returned.



Officer In Charge - Chief 44-30


Units On Scene - Patrol 44-4, PSP, Rescue 44-8, 44-91



Photos: Tracy Orlowski**

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