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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Tonight at 18:14 Station 44 was toned out for a pole fire in Sylvania Township in the village of Costello. Chief 44 (C.Cooney), Chief 44-10 (M.Bacon), Chief 44-20 (J.Burgett), Chief 44-30 (N.Burgett) and Lt 44 (S.Frank) all responded at dispatch. Engine 44-2 responded moments later.



Chief 44-20 was first on scene reporting a slow burning pole fire and held all units except Engine 44-2 in quarters and established Austin Command. Personnel remained on scene until Tri County would arrive and take over the scene.





Austin Command - Chief 44-20


Units On Scene - Engine 44-2, Tri County


Photos ** Tracy Orlowski**

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