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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Today at 12:01 Station 44 was toned out for a MVA with ejection on Route 155 in Portage Township. Chief 44-10 (M.Bacon), Chief 44-20 (J.Burgett), Chief 44-30 (N.Burgett), Chief 44-60 (D.Bacon) and Chief 44-71 (S.Orlowski) all responded at time of dispatch.  Immediately Chief 44-10 asked for a bird to be placed on standby.



Moments later Rescue 44-8 responded followed shortly after by Engine 44-2 and Ambulance 44-6.  While en route Chief 44-20 requested Station 14 (Emporium) with one Engine to set up a landing zone at the softball fields on 155. Once on scene with the Rescue Chief 44-20 reported the roadway was closed due to wires across the road and had Engine 141 continue into the scene, Ordered Engine 44-2 to set up a landing zone on top of Cowley Hill Road in the field and established 155 Command. Emporium Ambulance had been returning from their own call and came up on this accident and had loaded the patient and headed towards the LZ. Once on scene with Engine 44-2 Chief 44-10 reported LZ to be established and secure. Moments later Stat 9 would land and the patient would be hot loaded into the bird. Stat 9 LZO reported Stat 9 airborne and would return to quarters. Other units would remain on scene for some time waiting for the power company and a tow truck. All units were in quarters at 15:14.


155 Command - Chief 44-20
Stat 9 LZO - Chief 44-10
Units On Scene - Engine 141, Rescue 44-8, Engine 44-2, Ambulance 44-6, PSP
We would like to thank Station 14 for their assistance.

**Photos: Tracy Orlowski**

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