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The Austin Volunteer Fire Company, located in Potter County, Pennsylvania is responsible for fire protection, rescue services, and emergency medical services to our community and surrounding communities. We are also referred to as Station 44. The Austin Volunteer Fire Company has decided to make a website (www.avfd44.com) as an additional means to educate our local communities as to who we are, what we do, to encourage support, and to make people of the community more interested in joining with our company. The emergency services, as provided by the Austin Volunteer Fire Company, are not provided by paid personnel; but by your neighbors and friends who carry pagers and when an emergency arises, they respond, with out thinking twice. Our members respond at a moments notice, which interrupts their family functions, a warm meal, sleep, and even jobs. Our members put their lives on hold, and when in need. While our time and services are free, our equipment and training are not, and we depend on your generous donations and support to keep our facility and equipment up and running.






The members here at the Austin Volunteer Fire Department take pride in what they do; the members here go through training to get to where they are right now.  The training includes; Fire Essentials, Firefighter 1, Hazmat training, NIMS training, EMT, BVR, and many more.


We are strictly 100% volunteer which means when the tones sound from a basic ambulance call to a fully involved structure fire, the member quit doing their everyday life routine to commit their time and energy to help our community and the communities around us.  This alone takes up about 1300 hours a year of our members’ time, which is only counting on the scene hours, then when the firefighter and EMT’s return to station they also commit more than an hour per call in re stocking the trucks, and washing them to get ready for the next call.


We as a department respect all members of our station, as well as others, in what they do.  These people who dedicate their lives for their community are not just the average person off the street, they are people who care and want to help others. These people give a lot of their time to training and preparing for that next call they may run.


If you would like to join AVFD please click here   and fill out the application and email to   This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . A member here at the AVFD will get in contact with you on what and when the next meeting will be that you will have to attend. Or you can print the application out and give it to a member or drop it off at the station. *** SS# is not required until after you are voted in, it is up to your discretion to put it on your membership application when first filling it out.